The Dwindling Job Market on Media Bistro

Right now there are only 872 jobs posted on Media Bistro. And there are 1,761 freelancers looking for gigs on that same site.

Now this is way unscientific because not all freelancers want full-time jobs, but if you do the math, that’s 889 more people than there are jobs! Now this is going to be way more unscientific, but I swear that about a year ago, the jobs on Media Bistro hovered around the 2,000 mark.


Damn the economic downturn!ย  Damn the death of print!

5 responses to “The Dwindling Job Market on Media Bistro

  1. I am noticing a huge difference in the amount of jobs this time compared to the last time I looked 2 years ago.

  2. I wonder how much is due to the economy and how much is due to ye old death of print media.

  3. I’d say its both the economy and the leveling off (not “death”) of print media (esp. since a number of the jobs on MediaBistro are not in print), but that is a significantly low number, as when I was looking this time last year, there were more than 900 openings IN NEW YORK CITY ALONE.

  4. I encourage you to ignore the odds, CMR, as doing anything well in life is against the mathematical odds. You just need to want it more than others, work harder for it, and sacrifice a little more. As for the death of print, I suggest you head to a Barnes & Noble or a Border’s books and check out the magazine section. I think some contrary evidence would present itself pretty quickly.

  5. Thank you, John. I really appreciate the encouragement. And since Las Vegas is a city built on the assumption that people ignore odds, I should have a chance.

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