books: The Literary Vampire

With Stephanie Meyers’ book Twilight now a full-scale pop culture phenomenon, I thought it would be a great excuse to finally use the Polldaddy’s “skull pattern.” Despite the fact that Morman Meyer claims to have never read a vampire book before she wrote her series, her writing still hails from a rich literary tradition of vamps. Lest we forget the people who came before her, I made this fun poll.

4 responses to “books: The Literary Vampire

  1. Did you see this week’s South Park? Hilarious. Goth v. Vampires.

  2. No, I wish I had. That sounds funny.

  3. I hear there is an invention called the internet, and on it, you can view animated entertainment normally only found on TV.

    But not until you finish writing you know what.

  4. What is this internet you speak of? Also, I fear there will eternally be something hanging over my head. First it was my thesis, now it’s that other thing. And soon it will be… (I don’t know yet, but it will be something.)

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