new header: Painterly LA Skyline


I took this picture at my friend’s house in LA. She is living at the top of a Hollywood Hill. Yep, it’s the same hill I fell off. Every rose has its thorn and whatnot

Technical Photo Info: I think this photo looks like a painting of a place or a studio backdrop for a movie, which I guess is fitting for Hollywood. But, it’s real. And I just used my crappy small point-and-shoot. But I did put it on the night photography mode and rested it on a steady surface to accomodate the long exposure.

6 responses to “new header: Painterly LA Skyline

  1. The friend in the Hollywood Hills

    I’m sorry about my hill!! Love & miss you!!

  2. I’d fall down a thousand hills for you! You’re the best! Besides, my foot is getting better. I even went boxing yesterday. Miss you so much!!!!

  3. Long exposures are my favorite types of photography. Everything turns out so surreal and sparkly.

  4. That’s a really good photo. I like how the out of focus trees obscure part of the city. It makes me feel like I’m a suburban L.A. kid looking at the city from my porch thinking, “I need to get _there_!”

    You should email me the high-res version for my desktop wallpaper!

  5. You know, the high-res version is in the normal format, though

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