I haven’t been exercising either

For all of you who are disappointed in me for not writing recently, sorry. If it’s any consolation, I’ve also failed in other key aspects of personal responsibility. For example, I’ve been using my former gym time to sit around and eat Halloween candy. And I stopped recycling when I moved to Las Vegas. (That one isn’t my fault. Blame the city services! Or the mob.) And I don’t brush my hair on my stay-home-and-write days, though I try to remember to brush my teeth.

But if you want to see something I have done recently, you can check out my latest article. I can’t get around to looking up a link, but if you just search for it on the internet, I’m sure you’ll find it. Good luck.

2 responses to “I haven’t been exercising either

  1. I will chastise you for not recycling…Bad Cindi! Bad!

  2. But there is no recycling here! It’s not my fault. But you’re right. I should find a way.

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