How to write FAST

My plan was to drive out to California this morning, but I didn’t finish writing my latest article until 5pm. This delay ruined my plans. And the stress gave me a sore throat. And I’m not even sure if the article turned out. So I’ll have to wait and see and start packing cause I’m going to california tomorrow morning. There I will audition for a game show. Maybe the winnings will fund my freelance writing career. I don’t know. I don’t know. Just tired now. Spent. From. Writing.

But my situation begs the question: How does one write fast enough to prevent this hullabaloo?

2 responses to “How to write FAST

  1. Writing fast… haha

    saw this, thought of you.

    Watch it till the end!

  2. What is it about a nerdy pre-teen alone in his attic doing impressions that reminded you of me? If anything, I think this would have reminded you of me:

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