writing process: The Writer’s Diet

Today, I am emeshed in writing a book review. It’s ye auld writing struggle against a blank page. And my weapon of choice is food. So far, I’ve already consumed ice cream and popcorn. This is bad. Any advice?

4 responses to “writing process: The Writer’s Diet

  1. michael sicurello

    I would ride my bicycle to Starbucks and read the newspaper….

    When i got back I’d be refreshed and my brain filled with O2.

    Then I’d write till it hurt.

    I do that 6 days a week…

    Now I am addicted to how great I feel all day after riding… I only ride 2 miles each way….

    What do you do to pull your muse’s chain?


    Thats my secret.

  2. I used to ride my bike everywhere and I absolutely loved it. I think bike riding is the best form of transportation in the world. Unfortunately, biking in Vegas is also a death wish. Your formula sounds wonderful and I am very jealous of it. As soon as I move to a new city, I shall return to it. But until then…

  3. Read some other reviews of the same book. Jot down notes on all the ways these reviews are wrong. That’ll give you a starting point.

  4. I can’t do that because it will mess with my head and potential bias me towards what other people have already said. I think the answer may be to make an outline!

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