writing community: Vegas Writer’s Guild, Where Are You?

According to a three-line ad in a Vegas newspaper, there is a Writer’s Guild in Las Vegas that meets twice a month at Borders. Excited, I showed up at the appointed time and place. Nobody was there. OK, I’m not exactly sure. The bookstore coffee shop was populated, but by writers? Hard to tell.

I lurked around the place pretending to look at bargain books while secretly inspecting the tables. Of the few groups, most had textbooks and graphing calculators. I ruled them out (get it? he he).  Only one couple looked like they might be writers. Through subsequent observation, they were found to be discussing mysticism. While this subject did not rule them out, it did not rule them in either. In the end, I went home empty-handed, which says a lot for my self-discipline to be bumbling around a bookstore for an hour without buying anything.

5 responses to “writing community: Vegas Writer’s Guild, Where Are You?

  1. Curious as to how anyone “looks” like a writer …

    And the night wasn’t a total waste, rock star. :)

  2. How to look like a writer:
    Laptop, expensive coffee, glasses, a contradictory aura of wanting to be left alone, but also wanting someone to talk to you so you can tell them what you’re doing: “Excuse me, I’m just working on my *novel*.”
    They sometimes wear distinguishing hats.

  3. I didn’t mean to introduce a philosophical debate as to what a writer “looks” like. I mentioned the issue in terms of the practical matter of locating my own kind, not as a commentary. But considering that I could not locate any writers in a bookstore, clearly my opnion on the matter is flawed.

  4. PS. Jens, I like your description.

  5. Do they have a website? You could E-Mail and yell at them.

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