this writer’s life: “Beating” Writer’s Block

I don’t get writer’s block … well, at least not in the traditional sense. You know, the anguishing combat against a blank page, the tossing and turning, the sweating, the screaming, the bleeding, you know, the classic version of writer’s block.

I also don’t get insomnia, which has much the same symptoms.

I solve both problems using one–though no necessarily good–solution. If I ever get a feeling that I might have trouble sleeping and/or writing, I simply avoid the bed/pen until I can stay awake/avoid my editor no longer.

While this strategy has indeed solved the insomnia/writer’s block problem, it has also brought on a new (and arguably worse) problem of bedtime inflation/procrastination. It’s kinda like bringing in cats to end a mice problem and then dogs to end a cat problem and then cougars to end a dog problem and then elephants to end a…

PS.ย  As an example, here is what I did last night instead of writing/sleeping (notice how I apply the same intense concentration to all activities, not just authoring):

One response to “this writer’s life: “Beating” Writer’s Block

  1. Ha!
    At first, thanks to monitor glare, it looked to me like you were interviewing an empty chair as some sort of anti-writer’s block. Now I see you are playing Rock Band. I love Rock Band. Viva la Rock Band. Yes, hitting things with sticks does help.

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