blogosphere: Surviving the Net Crunch

Writers, do you ever feel like the Net is running you out of business? Don’t we all. All the reams of free information sure does seem to devalue the price of said information. Damn that law of supply and demand. Check out what PopMatters has to say about the problem as well as their advice on how to fix it.

Ten years ago this month, I started writing for print publications. While I’ve been very honored to be a part of the world of journalism, I’ve become dismayed and disgusted by what I’ve seen happen to it. I’m not necessarily disappointed about the overall quality of work, though I do see plenty of dreck. I’m angry when I see what’s happening to the industry as a whole. Not a day goes by that you don’t read a notice at a journalism hub like that yet another newspaper or magazine is offering buyouts or eliminating jobs or slashing their budgets, sometimes even killing off entire sections. <<read more>>

7 responses to “blogosphere: Surviving the Net Crunch

  1. We’re in a transitional period. When TV took dominance over radio as the top information source, a lot of radio programs, personalities, anchors, reporters, etc. either transitioned to TV or found themselves outdated. But in the end, TV and radio found their own niches and both existed. Eventually, the excess print fat will be cut down and we’ll be left with the same balance with the internet.

  2. I agree with PJ, and I also think these days it looks like there are bad times in every profession.

  3. The key is to avoid being part of the “print fat.” Any tips?

  4. Every market saturates and evolves, but there are always people who seem to find their way using creative approaches. I highly recommend this book to find at new ways of being successful in any area…

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  5. This is an interesting piece, in a publication I wouldn’t have otherwise known about. Thanks for pointing it out, CMR.

  6. Thank you for reading, John. is a smart, hip online magazine. Unfortunately, they don’t pay their writers, which is kinda ironic considering the subject and tone of this article.

  7. Now that’s interesting. But also not terribly surprising. Of course, that fact proceeds from the very economic dynamics you’re talking about.

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