freelancing: Too Much Freedom?

Perhaps it’s the post-vacation blues. Or maybe it’s freelance-itis. But at 2pm today, about 24-hours after I returned “home” to Las Vegas, I had a crushing sense of panic and depression. It’s just so lonely being a writer. And the lack of structure is overwhelming. Now, I’m grateful for everything, but gratitude doesn’t pay the bills or cover the insanity-inducing drone of a fan spinning slowly in a silent room. To all you freelancers out there, have you ever felt this way?

My solution is to go to the gym and then return to the computer with a fresh attitude. Any other tips?

4 responses to “freelancing: Too Much Freedom?

  1. One solution trumps all others:

  2. This isn’t a tip, but I totally understand. A couple years ago, my boyfriend offered to support me while I used the time to write my poetry manuscript. I did get a lot of writing done, but I was so isolated and and staying at home, seeing the same apartment every day drove me nuts. I started to lose all my social skills. I had to get a part time job just to make sure I showered and got out of the house every day. Although most people love it, I know now that I can never work from home.

    The only tip I have is to maybe make sure you meet with someone every day or schedule some kind of social activity regularly.

  3. what solution is it?

  4. Valerie, thank you so much for your commiseration. I am seriously considering considering seeking employment as a casino cocktail waitress. When in Vegas…

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