writing process: Job Hunting & FaceBook Joining

I spent all day trolling the Internet for gainful employment. The opportunities were so sparse that I started getting a little down (Fie on you bad economy!). But I knew of one thing that I could do successfully: Join Facebook. People have been hounding me to do it for years. So, I finally did. Please feel free to be my friend! I like friends:

Cindi Reed's Facebook profile

3 responses to “writing process: Job Hunting & FaceBook Joining

  1. Wow, things MUST be bad if you’ve gone and joined Facebook.


  2. Yes, the economy is dismal and traditional print journalism does seem to be breaking under the mantle of the Internet. But the real issue is that my old friend Procrastination is back to visit. He’s asleep right now on my proverbial futon.

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