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my latest publication: Interview with the band National Product

This was a phoner (that’s journalist jargon for “phone interview”) for the Web site VegasInsight. The lead singer was real nice.

Check out my article HERE

Check out the band’s MySpace HERE

blogosphere: Surviving the Net Crunch

Writers, do you ever feel like the Net is running you out of business? Don’t we all. All the reams of free information sure does seem to devalue the price of said information. Damn that law of supply and demand. Check out what PopMatters has to say about the problem as well as their advice on how to fix it.

Ten years ago this month, I started writing for print publications. While I’ve been very honored to be a part of the world of journalism, I’ve become dismayed and disgusted by what I’ve seen happen to it. I’m not necessarily disappointed about the overall quality of work, though I do see plenty of dreck. I’m angry when I see what’s happening to the industry as a whole. Not a day goes by that you don’t read a notice at a journalism hub like that yet another newspaper or magazine is offering buyouts or eliminating jobs or slashing their budgets, sometimes even killing off entire sections. <<read more>>

writing tips: For All You Researchers

If you’re the type of writer that uses facts of some sort, this website my be your new best friend. It’s called Zotero and it’s a free citation management program. Those who have forked out the cash for EndNote may appreciate this site. I haven’t tried it out yet, but the home page claims that it works as a Firefox extension. So you can save citations from the websites you’re searching in real time.

For those who missed the link:

in the news: Writer Dominick Dunne Sickened During OJ Trial

It’s not often that Viva Las Vegas plays backdrop to famous and noteworthy writers (excluding Hunter S. Thompson, everybody in the Las Vegas Writers Group and, of course, the future version of me). Yesterday was another exception. Turns out that 82-year-old writer Dominick Dunne was sent by Vanity Fair to report on the OJ Simpson trial here in Vegas. In the middle of the trial, his stomach started really really hurting, and he went to the hospital.

Get the local scoop on the full story HERE.

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this writer’s life: Eat My KiloBites, iPhone!

As you may have noticed, this is not a technology blog. The technology of writing, maybe. But technology in general, try lifehacker. Nonetheless, the event that I have long been waiting for has finally arrived (debuts oct 22)! Google’s own cellphone has been released. It’s awesome. Now I just have to wait one year for the kinks to be worked out by all the rich early adopters and two years to afford it on a writer’s salary.

Check it out here.

this writer’s life: The Las Vegas Writers Group

If you’re a writer and you live in Vegas, then you MUST join this group. I went to my first meeting last night and I won a free audio book! Check them out here.

Now, I normally don’t post photos of myself on this website. But look, I won a free audio book! I doesn’t take a lot to make an authoress happy.

books: The Wheel of Darkness

The Wheel of Darkness The Wheel of Darkness by Douglas Preston

My review

rating: 3 of 5 stars
The perfect airplane time passer. It’s light reading with heavy suspense. Each chapter switches focus to keep you hooked. This book is plot-driven and not really concerned with realistic character development. The whole thing is much easier to get through if you check you disbelief at the door. Nonetheless, I couldn’t put it down, though I’m slightly embarrassed to say so.

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