photography: My First Vegas Header

In Vegas, people don’t watch movies in regular movie theaters. If you wanna watch a movie, you have to go to a casino. I snapped this photo last week while waiting for Indiana Jones to start. If you wanna replicate my experience, you can head to Sam’s Town Casino, located somewhere far from the Strip. Notice all the tourists watching the faux water spectacular in a faux forest in the middle of a faux small town. I think the name for this  type of tourist  attraction should be “falsenthicity.”

False + Authenticity = FALSENTHICITY

2 responses to “photography: My First Vegas Header

  1. Sounds just like a word that you would make up, but I like it. Maybe it will catch on. It sounds better than virtual this and virtual that. What a shame that the authoress that values individuality over all other things is forced to live in plasticville, but still even this experience will give you fodder for future writing. Your original fan

  2. OMG the laser show at Sam’s Town! I’m glad you were able to see experience it!!

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