writing process: FREElancing

After finishing my master’s degree, I was so excited to finally do some freelance writing. As a writer, this is pretty much my life dream. However, I should have studied the word’s etemology before I got too worked up:

Free + lance = freelance

From these two root words, it is obvious that freelance writing is not the most profitable of ventures (at least in the beginning). I’m not sure how the word “lance” applies to me. My best guess is that I have to be careful not to get in any jousting matches because freelancing does not provide health insurance.

NOTE: Any advice in how to become a rich writer is very welcome.

3 responses to “writing process: FREElancing

  1. You have to do the work ,”1% inpiration, 99% elimination/persperation”, day in and day out, till your mind is fried, you drop over in a sleep coma, and your fingers are bleeding…lol.

    I’d get a publicist. Though, they don’t usually take on writers until they have been writing seriously for about 5 years.

    Keep building the portfolio! You’ll get there eventually. And if you do as I said above… don’t sue me when you drool on your keyboard and it short circuits. :-)

  2. Thanks for the advice. I totally agree and I have no problem doing the work. It’s just that in the meantime, I also have to pay my bills. I hear publicists don’t come cheap. Nor do groceries, for that matter.

  3. I hear that! Everything is expensive these days. I’m working toward my 5 year mark in writing experience, and saving my pennies…. so it will take a while before I can afford, or seek a publicist. But, I’ve read that some of them work off of a commission, getting paid a percentage from your sales.

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