blogosphere: My Firs Cell Phone Post

@nlike all u hipsters, i dont own an iPhone. Nope-im too much of a strugging writer to enjoy the perks of trendiness. Poor me, all i get is verizns dual flip phone with qwerty keyboard & full internt capability. Its a samsung lg someting or other. The downside of cell phone blogging–well, oher than carpal tunnel–is that u cant open more tha one window. Oh, and im alieating my friends as i type. Speaking of which, i better go.

2 responses to “blogosphere: My Firs Cell Phone Post

  1. The idea of typing on my cell phone exausts me, but I don’t have a querty keyboard on mine. I have to pick the old, huge, uncool cell phones or I will break them immediately. The new sleek ones are too flimsy.

  2. As you can see by the insane number of typos in that post, I found cell phone blogging to be exhausting as well. Nonetheless, it’s good for a girl on the go. And it’s better than mysteriously disappearing off the face of the blogosphere.

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