this writer’s life: Less Than a Week Left in Arizona

This is it, folks. I’m about to sell all my books, DVDs and CDs. It’s really over now. After they’re gone, nothing much will be left of my life here (well, except friends, family, and a 14″ color TV that nobody seems to want).

I’m pretty sad to say goodbye. But this experience has taught me that stability is an illusion. At every moment, the world as we know it is in a state of flux. Even when it seems like we’re sitting still, the earth is spinning, oribiting and cruising at very fast speed across the universe. So, the best thing a writer can do is ride the current of change instead of swimming against it. For me, that means I still need to let go of a lot more useless crap before I move.

3 responses to “this writer’s life: Less Than a Week Left in Arizona

  1. I’ve lived in 3 states in the last 5 years, but I still always own so much stuff. I never learn.

    One thing I did learn: I regretted selling all my books the one time I got rid of them. They are a huge pain to move, but I always end up needing the books for something.

  2. Oh no! I haven’t sold the books yet. You’re going to make me change my mind.

  3. Don’t sell your books!

    Ship them to me!

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