books: Sacrificed to the Gods of Moving

I love books. I have a lot of them. They make me happy. But not today. Today I have to say goodbye to some gems before I even got to read them. This makes me sad. I want to cry. But I am moving. So I have to let go. The only consolation is the promise of reading them for free at some future library. This blog shall help me remember what I sacrificed. Please see widget below for list.

4 responses to “books: Sacrificed to the Gods of Moving

  1. Alas for Asimov!
    Have you read Lawrence’s “The Rainbow”? “Women in Love” is the sequel. “Sons and Lovers” made me a Lawrence apostle; “The Rainbow” made me an apostate. “Jailbird” is sub-par Vonnegut. You’re better off without it.

  2. I’ve read “Sons and Lovers,” but not “The Rainbow.”

  3. Did you keep your signed collection? They would be worth moving around. Or ship them to Jens or me or Vegas. You know you hit a nerve with Jens with all this buisness about selling books. Oh, and tell him there’s more to Lawrence than those three books.

  4. Appreciate you message. Friend advice to read you. It’s very interesting. Subscribed! Wanna read you more!

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