art: The Goodbye Arizona Header

This header is my homage to the beautiful, bland suburbs of Arizona. Yes, you can blame the green lawn in the foreground and the forest of non-native palms for at least part of global warming. But isn’t the picture pretty? Don’t the palms make a nice silhouette against the desert sky? And aren’t the retro-hipster houses cute? Excuse my nostalgia, but I leave in about two weeks and my emotions are getting the better of me.

About the Photo: It’s about three years old and I don’t even remember what camera I used. The only photography advice I can give today is to wait for “magic hour” and then snap away. (Magic Hour is the time of evening when the sun is at the horizon and everything turns gold. Rumors say that Magic Hour also happens at sunrise, but I’ve never been around to find out.)

3 responses to “art: The Goodbye Arizona Header

  1. I really like your photography. I think it would be fun to take up photography, but I am not good at moderating my hobbies, so I try not to pick up new ones.

  2. Is this header free for use? I am planning to use it on one of my websites. Please respond if it is. Thanks.

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