this writer’s life: Don’t Look Down

DISCLAIMER: I promise to post my real review of the movie Rock Star tomorrow.

Tonight I will talk about some of the apprehension (I won’t say “fear”) that is involved with following your dreams. As you may or may not know, I am from Texas and I moved to Arizona to pursue my master’s degree. Now that I’m officially a master, nothing holds me to the Grand Canyon State except four years’ worth of friends and familiarity.

In two weeks, I will set off on my journey to find my fame and fortune as a writer. According to my predictions, this journey will take me to LA, NYC, Europe and finally drop me off in Austin to live out my days in the state of my birth. But first, I must make a pit stop in Las Vegas to build my freelancing portfolio and save up some fortune to fund the rest of my travels.

After a lifetime of being tethered to a textbook, I am excited to embark upon this great adventure. But tonight, I felt sad to leave all friends. That nostalgia devolved into a funk where I kept thinking that all the good memories to be had Arizona had already been had. I nearly lost it, but then I remembered that writers (this applies to all people, really) benefit from looking forward instead of backwards. As they say in rock climbing, “Don’t Look Down!” And tonight was the real life equivalent of taking a good, long stare at the rocks below. But I’m back on track. And as they also say in rock climbing, “focus on your next foothold.” I guess, in my case, they mean Vegas.

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