art: New Header Photo

Not only am I an authoress, I’m also an artist. When I was a kid I would do a lot of watercolors because that was the only medium that wouldn’t ruin my brushes (being young and carefree, I was too lazy to wash them immediately). Now I mainly do photography because I am too busy to even do watercolors. Anyway, I will be switching up the header image whenever I feel like it to display some of my art that otherwise has nothing better to do than sit on my hard drive. Enjoy. And, as always, critiques and comments are appreciated.

About this header: Shot with my digital Cannon Rebel at White Sands National Monument in New Mexico a couple years back. With this cropping, the lighting looks weird, but, trust me, the full size version looks better. As a shooting location, White Sands is striking, and I’d recommend it for anybody who’s looking for a cool trip.

NOTE: I do not work in a 770 x 140 pixel format. So you are seeing ultra-cropped versions of my photography. You’ll just have to imagine the rest.

One response to “art: New Header Photo

  1. I like your photo Ms. Reed. I have to admit it made me a little home sick. I’m not from White Sands, but being that it’s a New Mexico photo it still counts.
    I can totally relate to your Requiem for A Dream dilema. I too have felt the biting sting of rejection upon visiting the video store. If you like rockstar movies, check out This is Spinal Tap if you like comedies or Dig if you like documentaries. The filmmakers follow around two bands for seven years, it’s really interesting. Once again it’s called Dig. By the way if you like Requiem, then be sure to check out Pie and The Fountain, also by the same director.

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